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Excellent Tutor
I am preparing for the NCLEX and have tried a few highly-rated tutors on Wyzant and Xiara is by far the most helpful one that I have chosen as my sole tutor. She is very helpful, engaging, and encouraging, and she knows all her stuff well. She clearly knows how to train someone for the NCLEX and is not only helping me with content and how to break down how to correctly answer the questions, but is helping me with my uncertainties and anxieties related to taking the test. All around, she is a very helpful and excellent tutor! 10/10 recommend!

- James

HESI Fundamental Review

Xiara has helped us with this review for HESI Nursing school fundamental exam. She has spent countless hours preparing review material and then hours with us tutoring. Great tutor!! Thank you so much.

- Christen

Dedicated Nursing Tutor

My first session had a lot of information that needed to be discussed. Prior to the session, Xiara had created a guide with the study topics. In my first session, I didn't get the opportunity to fully experience her full teaching potential. She followed back up with me and went above and beyond to figure out a way to meet my learning needs. During the session, she was very professional, prepared, and very knowledgeable about critical care nursing topics.

- Heather

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