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Your Instructor Xiara

BSN, RN, Tutor & Health Coach


 I knew I wanted to be a nurse since I was a young girl. My older brother was born with a rare leukodystrophy that later left him wheelchair-bound. I was inspired to be the best possible nurse for all patients I'd encounter.

I first became an LPN before I applied to an advanced RN program that would span a year. I've been in the nursing field for almost 8 years now. I have worked in the inpatient and outpatient settings. My experience ranges from working in ICU/PCU, Medical-Surgical, Medical Telemetry, and Dialysis.


I started XPERT Nursing after quitting my job as an Assistant Nurse Manager at a local hospital. I always loved educating and coaching others. The extra time at home and the death of my grandmother motivated me to start a business to help others become Nurses and coach others to lead a healthy lifestyle.



I tutor students taking the NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, HESI entrance or exit exams. Our one-on-one sessions provide you the opportunity to receive individualized teaching that maximizes our time together and helps you retain critical concepts for the exam.


Many medical professionals tend to prescribe medications that mask the root issue. I believe a holistic view of health is key to leading a healthier lifestyle. This is where we come in. We collaborate with you to establish a custom health improvement plan, set personalized evidence-based goals, and support you in achieving those goals.


Along with my sister Zashira Perez, LPN we offer the best online tutoring services to ensure your success when taking the NCLEX or HESI exams. We are both dedicated, high-energy individuals with a passion for teaching. 

Nursing school is not easy, but our sessions are personalized to meet YOUR learning style and needs. We have a 100% success rate thus far which we pride ourselves in.

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Image by Avery Evans

NCLEX Test-Taking Strategies


  • DO NOT read all the options.

  • Rearrange your answer options as a True or False statment.

  • Only work with one option at a time.



Options containing words like all, always, every, must, none, never, and only are often incorrect as they do not leave room for exceptions. Unless we are dealing with a safety issue.


Often times, you will see 2 answer options that are based on a very similar concept. You can usually "cross" these off.

We will cover more strategies during a session!

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