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Elige tu plan de precios

  • NCLEX Tutoring

    One hour online NCLEX tutoring session.
    • Review Test-Taking Strategies
    • NCLEX Content Review
  • NCLEX Tutoring

    Cada semana
    Discuss NCLEX study plan and strategies to pass.
    • Review Test-Taking Strategies
    • Free Crash Course Review on Fundamentals
    • 2-1-hour online tutoring session
  • Pass NCLEX Package

    Cada semana
    2-1 hr. NCLEX Tutoring Sessions every week
    • Custom NCLEX Study Plan
    • 2 (1 hr.) NCLEX tutoring sessions per week
    • Free Crash Course Fundamentals Review ($70 value)
    • Save over 5% every week
    • Cancel at any time
  • Intensive NCLEX Prep

    Cada semana
    2 (2-hr.) Online NCLEX Tutoring Sessions weekly
    • 2 (2-hour) Online Tutoring Sessions with our NCLEX experts
    • FREE Fundamentals NCLEX Crash Course Study Guide ($70 value)
    • Sessions can be booked back to back.
    • Comprehensive review of NCLEX content & practice questions.
    • Custom NCLEX Study Plan
    • Cancel at any time
    • $20 Weekly Savings
  • 3 Session HESI Pack

    Pass the HESI with 6 hours of one-on-one tutoring.
    Válido por 3 meses
    • HESI Tutoring (2 hrs.)
  • 4 Session HESI Pack

    Excel academically with 4 (1 hr.) tutoring sessions.
    Válido por 3 meses
    • RN/LPN School Pack

      Cada semana
      Excel academically weekly (1 hr.) tutoring sessions.
      • Weekly sessions with our nursing school experts
      • Ask questions and review content during your session
      • Review test-taking strategies for exams
      • Homework help during sessions if necessary
      • Cancel at any time
      • $5 off weekly discount
    • RN/LPN School HELP!

      Cada semana
      Nursing school is conquering you & you need help to PASS!
      • 2 1-hour sessions weekly
      • Review class content with our nursing school experts
      • Ask questions and review test-taking skills
      • Learn how to study for nursing school & take better notes
      • Cancel at any time
      • $10 weekly discount
    • 2 1-hr. Nursing Help

      Cada semana
      Schedule 2 sessions a week to pass nursing school + test.
      • Discounted sessions!
      • Access to nursing resources needed that we have available!
    • Acute Care Review

      Cada semana
      Learn how to excel in an acute care setting!
      • Review resources on common diagnoses found in acute care.
      • Al questions related to acute care work flow
      • Learn how to give report to HCPs and staff.
    • 6 Hour HESI Tutoring

      Nursing HESI Exam Tutoring (3, 2-hr sessions)
      • Practice Questions
      • Personalized Content
      • Test Taking Strategies
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