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Excellent Tutor
I am preparing for the NCLEX and have tried a few highly-rated tutors on Wyzant and Xiara is by far the most helpful one that I have chosen as my sole tutor. She is very helpful, engaging, and encouraging, and she knows all her stuff well. She clearly knows how to train someone for the NCLEX and is not only helping me with content and how to break down how to correctly answer the questions, but is helping me with my uncertainties and anxieties related to taking the test. All around, she is a very helpful and excellent tutor! 10/10 recommend!

- James

Passed the NCLEX-RN

HESI Fundamental Review

Xiara has helped us with this review for HESI Nursing school fundamental exam. She has spent countless hours preparing review material and then hours with us tutoring. Great tutor!! Thank you so much.

- Heather

Passed her Fundamentals HESI

Dedicated Nursing Tutor

My first session had a lot of information that needed to be discussed. Prior to the session, Xiara had created a guide with the study topics. In my first session, I didn't get the opportunity to fully experience her full teaching potential. She followed back up with me and went above and beyond to figure out a way to meet my learning needs. During the session, she was very professional, prepared, and very knowledgeable about critical care nursing topics.

- Christen

Passed her Critical Care Exam

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Meet Xiara

BSN, RN, Tutor

I'm Xiara! The creator behind XPERT Nursing LLC. I started this business to help students pass their nursing classes, the NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, and their HESI exams. My goal is to provide a unique individualized session that helps you retain critical nursing concepts. I go over test-taking strategies to help you better understand the question so you are able to pick the best answer even when you may not remember what diagnosis or medication is being presented. 

XPERT Nursing provides online tutoring sessions for students of all ages. I have helped all my students pass their NCLEX, exit HESI exams, and entrance HESI exams. If you have failed the NCLEX once or more, you may be feeling defeated, but let me help you study so you can pass! We are here to adapt to your learning style and needs to ensure a fun learning experience.

Many students have benefitted from XPERT Nursing services and have proudly shared their success stories below. Scroll below to read about how we’ve helped students surpass their academic goals and pass their exams.

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Tutoring Plans

Tutoring plans are offered at a weekly discounted rate! If you'd like to book more than one session because you want consistent help, this is the best option for you!

NCLEX Tutoring Plan

You may have scheduled your NCLEX and want to book more than one session. Choose between weekly sessions ranging from 1-2 hrs. for dedicated help to pass the NCLEX.

HESI Tutoring Plan

You need weekly sessions to review HESI concepts before the exam. Prepare for the entrance HESI or for EXIT HESI exams. Choose the right plan for you.

Nursing School Tutoring Plan

Nursing school can be tough. You may need 1-2 hr. weekly sessions to help you review content and learn test-taking strategies to pass the exam.

  • I failed the NCLEX, now what?
    Keep your head up! You got through nursing school, and with some extra help, we will get you ready to pass the NCLEX. Request your scores if you haven't already to identify weak areas to review. Review content! It is important to have a solid knowledge base of at least 60% of each subject covered on the NCLEX. Once you have mastered content, jump into practice questions and understand the rationales provided. Book a session with one of our tutors to prepare for the NCLEX and receive individualized help!
  • What does a tutoring session consist of?
    We first discuss your tutoring needs and past experience with exams. We review test-taking strategies together. I don't expect you to know everything! Test-taking strategies help you choose the best answer on an exam without getting overly anxious. The rest of the session will be guided by your intake form. If you need content review, we review exam content together. If you need help identifying weak areas when answering practice questions, we work on those together to train you to think like a nurse! Overall the goal is to assess your test-taking skills and work towards honing your skills to thus reduce your test-taking anxiety.
  • How can I book a service?
    You can book a tutoring session from the "Tutoring" tab. Sessions are sold individually, as a package, or as a part of a membership. Services are strictly online. We use ZOOM for our sessions! If you choose to book a health consultation, click on the "Health" tab.
  • Do I need to purchase any resources to study?
    I highly suggest purchasing a plan to practice NCLEX questions like UWorld, Kaplan, Archer, etc. The choice of which one to purchase depends on you and your learning style. Some programs offer more resources than others. Compare and contrast them to make the best choice. We also offer NCLEX Study Guides that will support your studying and prepare you for the exam! The study guides are available in our "Shop".
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